Bitcoin kurs prognose and Ethereum – why prices are rising

bitcoin kurs

Digital money is on the rise: Internet currencies have become enormously expensive and are increasingly being accepted as a means of payment. Even ordinary investors can benefit from the boom of Bitcoin kurs prognose & Co.

For most a book with seven seals, for some a thing with high risks, others see a bubble and more and more enormous opportunities: Bitcoins Kurs pull their circles, and the course rises and rises. In 2017, the price has almost tripled from around $ 1,000 at the start of the year to $ 2,700, and six times over the course of twelve months. In 2010, a unit cost only $ 0.30.

Quite a few predict prophecies of $ 3,000 soon, and no one can say what the price of bitcoins will be. As with stocks or many other investments, it depends on supply and demand. Because of the rapidly growing fan base, there could be further and enormous increases.

In the starting 2009

Bitcoin is a digital coin. There were invented under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto and the start was in 2009 with 50 Bitcoins. Around 16.4 million of these monetary units are currently in circulation worldwide, with a current value of $ 44.9 billion. Bitcoins Kurs are divisible into smaller groups up to one hundred millionths

While some use the digital money to pay – for example, because of high transparency of payments and that without state supervision, low transaction fees and tremendous transaction speed of a few minutes worldwide
The wage is halved

Either way, this monetary system is independent of states and banks. Central banks do not control it, as in the case of francs, dollars or euros, but rather through elaborate computing processes on computers that process Bitcoin transactions in so-called mining. The miners currently receive 12.5 bitcoins Kurs for new data blocks.

However, this mining wage is halved with a total of 210,000 newly generated data blocks worldwide. By 2020, experts expect the next cut to 6.5 bitcoins per block. By reducing the mining wage and the time-consuming computational services, excessive inflation, i.e., the increase in the amount of bitcoin, should be prevented.

Increasing difficulties

Thus, the difficulties increase according to requirements of the Bitcoin Kurs protocols with growing number of miners and then take the costs – especially for the power of the computer – then too high, mining is worthless again. As a result, the speed at which new bitcoins are put into circulation decreases accordingly. The maximum amount of Bitcoin money is anyway limited by a network protocol to 21 million pieces and is estimated to reach around the year 2100.

There is enormous imagination. For on the one hand there is the limitation of the Bitcoin money supply, on the other side an increasing demand. Not just speculators. Because bitcoins are accepted more and more often as means of payment. For example, at the beginning of April, the Japanese government classified the currency as a legal tender, and this is being accepted by more and more companies in Asia.

US stock market supervision participates

Also from the US could be additional movement in the Bitcoin demand. The US Securities and Exchange Commission now again advises SEC on the approval of a first Bitcoin index fund by Internet entrepreneurs Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Such an ETF would, of course, make Bitcoins even more attractive as an investment.

But Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is interested in digital currencies and sees economic opportunities for his country. Specifically, the virtual money Ethereum goes back to the Russian programmer Vitalik Buterin. Ethereum works similarly to Bitcoin and is also enjoying rapidly growing popularity.

Ethereum course on the rise

Although this digital money was only launched two years ago, there are already 92.3 million units in circulation worth a total of $ 23.9 billion. Since then, the price has risen to about 350 times and alone since the beginning of the year there is an increase of 3000 percent – to a rise in 30 seasons! By the way, besides the two market leaders, there are a whole series of other digital currencies.

Since mining is more for IT professionals, ordinary investors come to Bitcoins or Ethereum by buying on a trading platform on the Internet. The most significant broker for Bitcoin kurs prognose worldwide is Coinbase.

For trusts, the mail goes off.

If you are looking for an investment vehicle and you are looking for further price gains.You will be the close look at the Bitcoin Investment Trust (ISIN: US09173T1088, annual management fee 2%) or the Ethereum Classic Investment Trust (ISIN: US2976441061, yearly management fee 3%) both from Grayscale. Like the digital currencies, the trusts also lose their mail. The vehicle on Bitcoin kurs prognose has already quintupled this year.

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