Bitcoin kurs prognose Price Development / Forecast 2017

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Last year, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin increased by 100 percent.
In early 2017, the Bitcoin price reached the next milestone: $ 1,000. Many experts are confident that the cryptocurrency will continue to increase – at the end of the year, the bitcoin kurs prognose price could be $ 3,000.

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Current Bitcoin Price & Price Development

The reasons why the Bitcoin price is rising are manifold: bitcoin kurs prognose is seen as a haven, seems to be more lucrative than gold and could become a new crisis currency.
But there is also a flip side to the coin: the Bitcoin must first prove itself and arrive in everyday life and be respected; However, if the cryptocurrency remains in the background, so it is a matter of time until the price falls.

The cryptocurrency is scratching at the $ 3,000 mark

At the beginning of the year, the Bitcoin price was between $ 1,100 and $ 1,250. The cryptocurrency climbed to $ 2,700 in June, so the projected $ 3,000 is entirely possible. But is it really because bitcoin kurs prognose is seen as a haven and crisis currency 2.0?
Not quite. Above all, the bitcoin price is rising because it is still unclear how the Chinese currency (yuan) will develop. More and more Chinese are backing off and investing their money in bitcoins. In fact, China dominates cryptocurrency trading – and there are also some platforms that already accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, allowing for easy trading.

An Outlook – Bitcoin Forecast 2017

But even if the Bitcoin price can rise, the experts are critical: The cryptocurrency is not recommended as an investment because it is too uncertain – the likelihood that the cryptocurrency crashes again, is just as real as the fact that a Bitcoin soon will have a value of $ 3,000.
So far, however, many experts disagree on which factors influence the Bitcoin price.
On the one hand, there are riots and crises, on the other hand, the gold price seems to play a significant role – of course, the circumstance becomes interesting, if the cryptocurrency even more into everyday life can be involved or not.
However, the experts also know that rising prices could cause investors to sell their bitcoin reserves, which could lead to a sell-off of the stock price. Whether this (possible) crash will take place in 2017 or the next few years cannot be predicted. The fact is, the bitcoin price is so high that it will only be a matter of time before the (angry) awakening comes.

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