Forecast madness: $ 100,000 for a Bitcoin kurs prognose

bitcoin kurs utvikling

$ 100,000 for a bitcoin in five years – the pricing imagination for the digital currency currently seems to have no limits. But what is realistic about the Bitcoin future?
The Bitcoin price is no longer exploding; it is overgrowing. After breaking the record highs since the beginning of August, the digital currency was worth 3000, 3500, and 4000 dollars for the first time, but this week’s rise was somewhat slower. And yet, the Bitcoin price is already approaching the next decisive milestone: As of Thursday noon, a Bitcoin cost $ 4490, so the $ 4,500 are within reach.

The Bitcoin kurs prognoseRally was triggered because the currency split on 1 August was over, without destabilizing. Also, the implementation of a significant technical enhancement, the Segwit2 update, is also proceeding successfully. In Segregated Witness, specific data is no longer stored in the Bitcoin kurs prognose transaction, but extra. One of the advantages is that a block can save more purchases – that was the bottleneck that slowed bitcoin payments.

Smart arguments for the price forecast

The relief of the successful technical steps has undoubtedly fueled the Bitcoin euphoria, which in turn arouses the interest of potential investors. Who would not like to profit from such dream returns?

Two questions, however, are in the face of the rally in space: how long will the Bitcoin kurs prognose rush continue and how hard will the crash be when it comes? No wonder, because of the high-interest many analysts and experts are looking for an accurate answer. And most of them have intelligent arguments.

Bitcoin price at $ 100,000 in five years

In the past few days, for example, the number of $ 100,000 was put into the room. In five years, the Bitcoin kurs prognose should be worth so much, said Harvard researcher Dennis Porto to Ā«Business InsiderĀ». He has calculated this sum based on Moore’s Law.

This law goes back to Intel founder Gordon Moore, who describes the exponential growth of digital technologies – for example, the increase of memory capacity in computer chips. It says that its position will double within a specified period.
The application of Moore’s Law to price developments is new, according to Dennis Porto so far but accurate. Thus, the Bitcoin price has been doubled every eight months so far. He assumes that this doubling rate will last. By February 2021, a bitcoin would be worth $ 100,000.

Or in ten years
The derivation is new, but the sum of $ 100,000 was already brought into play in the spring – through the Saxo Bank. Its chief economist Steen Jakobsen predicted a Bitcoin value of $ 2,100 for the year 2017 in its annually published “outrageous forecasts.” At the time, a Bitcoin cost $ 750. Jakobsen prognosis already fulfilled in May.

Saxo Bank analyst Kay Van-Petersen then said, predicting a price of $ 100,000. However, he goes a different way of computing than Harvard researcher Dennis Porto and calculates the development of the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies and what proportion of Bitcoin kurs prognose will have it. Unlike Porto, Van-Petersen also gives Bitcoin more time to reach the $ 100,000 mark: it’s only ten years from now.

Maximum price of 4800 dollars

Anyone who shines in the face of these predictions should perhaps be spared Goldman Sachs’s forecast again. One of the leading tech strategists of the US bank, Sheba Jafari, sees the potential of Bitcoin namely almost exhausted: The Bitcoin is still to gain a maximum of $ 4,800. Other experts see the peak reached at $ 5,000.

If the course of Bitcoin kurs prognose does not change drastically, these statements could be outdated tomorrow or in a few days. And it’s also not the first forecast that Jafari spends: In June, he still thought a maximum of $ 3,900 was possible.

Golden Rule

However, what the numbers have in common: They are worth as much as Kaffeesatzleserei. They can vote, or they can be completely wrong. The development of Bitcoin is far too volatile to be calculated. It applies in the short term and the long time all the more. That’s why the best way is, who adheres to the golden rule to invest in Bitcoin no more, as he can quickly get over losses.

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