what’s behind the rise in bitcoin kurs prognose

bitcoin kurs prognose

Japan declares bitcoins as a means of payment, and soon there could be a bitcoin kurs prognose fund. The result: the currency is more expensive than ever. Experts warn against exaggeration.
The story begins with two pizzas. Seven years ago, a Florida programmer wrote on an internet forum that he was hungry and offered 10,000 bitcoins if someone would let him bring two pizzas home. The exchange came about. It was the first payment processed in bitcoin kurs prognose. Since then, fans of the digital currency have been celebrating “Bitcoin Pizza Day” on May 22nd. The two pizzas from that time are now known as the most expensive pizzas: If the 10,000 bitcoins seven years ago, the equivalent of 25 dollars, they are now worth more than 20 million dollars.
ٰIt shows what a massive price increase the digital currency has behind it. Only on the weekend bitcoins cracked $ 2,000 per unit. On Monday they increased again to $ 2,141. For a long time, one group of the digital currency has been more expensive than a troy ounce of gold. But as impressive as the rise of the digital money is, it is also controversial. While Bitcoin is an independent means of payment for some, for others it is all one thing: a gambling currency.

The industry hopes for a Bitcoin fund

As with stocks, Bitcoin’s price is also heavily dependent on current news. Currently, two positive messages are coming together. First, Japan has recently declared Bitcoins the official form of payment. On the other hand, there may soon be a fund that allows investors to speculate on the bitcoin kurs prognose price. Such a paper try to bring the twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss for a long time on the market. So far, the Americans have failed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. However, it is currently reviewing the approval of the paper at the request of the stock exchange operator Bats.
Just the prospect that the “Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust ETF” could still come on the market, the Bitcoin price rises. It is the bad news from the penultimate weekend displaced. Hackers around the world have been harvesting data that blackmail victims and demand ransom payments in the form of bitcoins. For the digital currency, payments are made anonymously. It makes bitcoins interesting for criminals – even if it is not in the inventor’s interest.

The digital currency should make it independent.

The digital currency developed in response to the financial crisis. With Bitcoins, the first users wanted to become independent: from states, central banks and financial institutions. While central banks create traditional currencies, bitcoins are created through a highly sophisticated computing process on the computer. Imagine the Bitcoin universe like a vast database that records who acquired and transferred bitcoin kurs prognose.
The unique feature: This database is not on any central computer, but is stored in parallel on all processors connected to the network and permanently updated. If bitcoins are to be transferred, this transaction is checked by every connected computer instead of a mainframe. In this way, you no longer need a bank to process the payment. Also, because bitcoins are automatically created on the PC, you can even do without a central bank. The Bitcoins can only produce if one has a suitable software and the necessary computing power – would one with a standard computer “mine” Bitcoins want, as the experts call, this would take months.

The Bundesbank calls for caution.

But that’s precisely what experts see as the problem. bitcoin kurs prognose are “a virtual currency that has no real basis of value,” says Bundesbank CEO Carl-Ludwig Thiele. At the symposium of his house a few days ago, he reiterated that the digital currency was “an interesting niche phenomenon” – but he warned against “Bitcoin assets as safe.” After all, just like stocks, bitcoins have only the value people attach to them. “If you no longer accept bitcoins, you can not do anything with them,” says Thiele. Although this applies to other substitute currencies, be it bullion or cigarettes. Only the loud Thiele would still have a utility or consumption value. If you can not get rid of your cigarettes, you can finally smoke it yourself.
Also, the price increase to causes observers to worry. Although the digital currency is known for sharp price fluctuations, up and down, the last increase was huge. Within a month, the price has risen by 64 percent, in the previous week alone, he increased almost 17 percent. The market research institute Sentix, which regularly investigates the price jumps, therefore warns of a “speculative bubble formation.”

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