Will Bitcoin kurs prognose be worth ten years from now?

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The Bitcoin kurs prognose price fluctuates massively. After a week-long defeat, he scored a record high again. But will the cryptocurrency still exist in ten years?

If you invest in Bitcoin kurs prognose or follow the course, you will not be amazed. Also, the daily view of the value of the cryptocurrency is like an emotional roller coaster ride. The reason for this is that he fluctuates massively. While Bitcoin fans could now look forward to the new all-time high and the digital currency has finally cracked the $ 5,000 mark (about 4,200 euros), was previously due to the five-week low, the disappointment of investors still big.

Will the Bitcoin recover?

A seemingly harmless tweet by the hotel owner and reality TV star Paris Hilton should have the Bitcoin kurs prognose rate in early September by 34 billion euros massively collapse. In her tweet, she wrote to her followers that she would invest in a new, planned cryptocurrency. But the reason was instead the fact that the Chinese government wants to put a stop to the masses with cryptocurrencies in the future. As a result, many investors and financial experts feared a bubble that could soon burst.

Aaron Lasher is also one of those who believes that a bubble has formed. But he sees that surprisingly positive. The Bitcoin expert is aware of the instability of the cryptocurrency – yet he thinks the uptrend remains. Any bubbles in the past are in his opinion negligible.

Therefore, he has now told ” MarketWatch ” that he will never sell his Bitcoin kurs prognose before, during or after a bubble. He thinks long-term instead, and so his investment strategy. Therefore, he would sit out any coming lows .

Financial expert predicts Bitcoin unbelievable.

True to the motto of the famous banker Carl Mayer von Rothschild: “Buy when the guns thunder, sell when the violins play.” He realized very early on that counter-cyclical investing – investing money when everyone else jumps off in times of crisis – ends up making big profits when everything is over.

And Lasher dares even more: In the interview, he predicted the Bitcoin a great future. So his prognosis is that the cyber money in ten years will be very much worth: and per Bitcoin about 200,000 euros. An incredible idea – and an apparent increase in the price that you do not dare to dream of today.

But Lasher is not alone with his incredible vision of the future: The Harvard academic and currency investor Dennis Porto strengthens his back. He has calculated that the Bitcoin price will rise in the next five years to up to 100,000 euros .

Will Bitcoin be affordable for everyone soon?

For Lasher, the cryptocurrency represents the ultimate investment – because it is risky, but holds enormous growth potential. But beware: Anyone who now feels also compelled to enter the cyber-money business right away will be disappointed by Lasher. There is a possibility that ignorant non-specialists may invest too much at first, or go in too high a price or panic – and end up selling far too soon.

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